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Wire Wrapped Crystal Bat Pendants

Wire Wrapped Crystal Bat Pendants

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Crystal Wire Wrapped Bat Pendants

Let your spooky side shine with a Wire Wrapped Crystal Bat Pendant. Choose from three versions, each with its own eye-catching crystal. Make a statement with Halloween jewelry that's bold and daring!

Details For Each Wire Wrapped Pendant

Bat Pendant #1-

  • The first pendant was created with different sizes and types of all natural copper wire.
  • It features a beautiful orange aventurine as the center piece. The aventurine stone is an upside down tear drop cut.
  • The size of this pendant is 87mm wide and 40mm long.

Bat Pendant #2SOLD

  • The second pendant was created with different types of sterling silver wire.
  • It features an upside down jasper stone that is in the shape of an upside down tear drop.
  • This pendants size is 75mm wide and 55mm long.

Bat Pendant #3SOLD

  • The third pendant was created with natural copper with black and red coated copper wire.
  • It features a gorgeous blood stone, which is very fitting for a bat.
  • The size of this pendant is 70mm long by 90mm wide.
  • This pendant took me 10 hours to complete.

    Each pendant was handmade in my home located in Eaton, NY, and comes with a 20" black silk cord necklace. Grab your favorite spooky bat pendant today.

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