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Wire Wrapped Amethyst & Quartz Pendulum

Wire Wrapped Amethyst & Quartz Pendulum

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Amethyst And Quartz Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendulum For Witchcraft

Unlock the mysteries of witchcraft with this Amethyst and Quartz Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendulum. Crafted with sterling silver and black-coated copper wire and a small amethyst stone, allow the quartz crystal point to guide you on your journey. Don't hesitate, unleash your power now! This piece may also be worn as a wire wrapped pendant. Add this piece to your collection of wire wrapped jewelry today.

  • Handmade in Upstate New York with silver and black coated copper wire
  • Small amethyst crystal and medium quartz point crystal
  • Can also be worn as a pendant
  • The perfect gift for any medium, witch, or psychic
  • This wire wrapped jewelry piece measures 53mm in length, 10mm in width

Do you want to learn what crystals work best for pendulums? If so, I created a blog post all about it. Feel free to check it out and learn more.

Best Crystals For Pendulums

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