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White Lace Bow Garter Belt

White Lace Bow Garter Belt

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White Lace Bow Garter Belt Linked With Chains And Charms

This white lace bow garter belt flaunts femininity with delicate lace and ribbons. Choose between two charming variations, one with silver chain and charm and one with different gold chains and charm. Enhance any outfit with this romantic and stylish accessory.

About Each Variation Of Garter Belt

The first white bow lace garter belt has all silver chains (including silver eye rings, silver lobster clasps) and has a silver moon and stars charm that hang down from the front of the garter belt. This garter belt is a size medium. The chain loops on this piece hang down appoximately 50 mm, and the chain that hangs down from the center attached to the silver charm is 170 mm long.

The second variation has all different gold chains (including gold eye rings, gold lobster clasps, and white beads) attached to it and this one has a gold ohm charm that hangs down from the front centered under the white bow. This is also a size medium. The loops on this garter belt hang down approximately 50 mm, and the chain hanging down the front attached to the charm is 160 mm long. There is also a small chain hanging down in the back that is about 85 mm long.

How To Care For These Garter Belts

The best part about these garter belts is that you can easily take the chains off to wash them, because the chains are attached with lobster clasps for easy removal. Hand wash with cold water only and let air dry.

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