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Sterling Silver Quartz Cat Pendant

Sterling Silver Quartz Cat Pendant

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Does Your Fur Baby Need Some Help Healing?

Show off your cats unique style with this stunning sterling silver cat pendant, complete with a quartz crystal to sparkle in the light. Crafted with high-grade sterling silver and featuring a beautiful quartz stone, it’s the perfect accessory for your cat. Simply attach it to any collar for your fur baby.

Do Healing Crystals Work for Cats and Dogs?

Healing crystal stones can be extremely helpful in healing a cat or dog or keeping their energy balanced. Like humans, animals have chakras throughout their body that can be in or out of balance. Their energetic system is more complex than humans as they have chakras that directly connect to mother earth and the atmosphere and chakras that allow them to form a human-animal bond. 

An animal's energy frequency actually vibrates higher than a humans as they tend to be in tune with the frequencies of joy, happiness, contentment, unconditional love. 

They absorb the energy around them and also transmit energy, but their energy can become quickly depleted or develop into illnesses as they are already trying to compensate for the lower energetic frequencies of humans. 

It's incredibly important for the well-being of your animal that you work on balancing your own energy first, as by way of osmosis, it will naturally begin to elevate your cat or dog's energy when you increase yours.

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* This pendant is handmade. Designs will vary slightly.

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