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Soulmate Quartz Matching Set

Soulmate Quartz Matching Set

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These adorable pendants are made out of all sterling silver wire. They are hand wire wrapped in the shape of a little angel when you put them together. And when you take them apart they each are missing a wing on the top of the pendant. Both of the pendants have a 18mm x 13mm size quartz cabochon in the center. Quartz is considered the master crystal. Because of all of it's properties. 

What is a soulmate?

What is a soulmate? Have you ever just met someone and got the strange feeling like you have known them forever? You can just feel the connection as soon as you meet them. I know personally, I have had many soulmates and soul connections in my life. Soulmates can be either lovers, best friends, friends, colleagues, siblings, parents, bosses, etc. They can literally be anything that has a soul. A soulmate is basically brought to you for one reason or another. But the main reason is because you are meant to teach something, or learn something. Or even both. The universe has a funny way of reaching out and helping us. You may stay together for a long period of time, or be split up when the goal has been met.

Gift both yourself and your soulmate with this adorable matching pair of pendants, both of your souls will thank you.

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I appreciate you 

There is one thing that is always certain when you purchase from a small business owner! A guaranteed happy dance! And when you buy from IVJ you can be sure that each piece is filled with amazing energy. Thank you for all the love and support. With each purchase you are not only helping to support my dreams, but also my family, and my true purpose in life. Which is helping others heal from within. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey! 

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