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Silver Moonstone Pendant: Mystical Radiance

Silver Moonstone Pendant: Mystical Radiance

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Unleash your adventurous side with our Silver Moonstone Pendant: Mystical Radiance! Crafted with a square shaped brown moonstone, the pendant is adorned with intricate silver and bright copper wire, adding a touch of mystery and radiance to any outfit. Dare to stand out and embrace the unknown with this bold piece!

Silver Moonstone Pendant Details-

  • Stone: Squart brown moonstone
  • Wire: Silver and copper
  • Dimensions: 35mm by 25mm
  • Necklace: 18" premium black leather cord with silver extension and lobster claw clasp.
  • Handmade in Eaton, NY

Moonstone Can Help You Raise Your Vibrations-

Moonstone is revered for its ability to elevate vibrations, acting as a conduit for spiritual energy. This enchanting gem is believed to promote emotional balance, enhance intuition, and connect with higher realms. By fostering a sense of calm and aligning with the ebb and flow of lunar energies, moonstone helps raise vibrations, encouraging a more harmonious and spiritually attuned existence. Here is a blog post that I created with other crystals and methods that you can use to Raise Your Vibration Instantly.

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