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Real Sterling Silver Azurite Dagger Pendant

Real Sterling Silver Azurite Dagger Pendant

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Real Sterling Silver Dagger Designed Pendant With Herkimer Diamond

This statement piece is sure to turn heads! Featuring an azurite crystal in the shape of a dagger, a Herkimer Diamond, and intricate silver and blue wire-wrapping that shimmers in the light - this pendant is a unique treasure that symbolizes power and protection. Secure your style and make a statement with Real Sterling Silver Azurite Wire Wrapped Dagger Pendant!

Azurite metaphysical properties

An aura cleanser and a chakra healer – Azurite works to remove blockages from endless energy points, keeping those sweet vibrations flowing. Azurite is connected to the third eye chakra – the place of our deep intuition and inner guidance.

If you would like to learn more about Herkimer diamonds, check out this crystal guide.

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