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Mushroom Earrings with Crystal Bead Accents

Mushroom Earrings with Crystal Bead Accents

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Add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe with our adorable Crystal Bead Mushroom Earrings! These small and lightweight copper earrings feature a variety of sparkling crystal beads to choose from. Brighten up any outfit and show off your fun, playful side with these unique dangle earrings! The perfect gift for any crystal, mushroom, or earring lover. Grab your favorite pair today.

Crystal Bead Mushroom Earring Details-

  • Stone: These mushroom earrings come in a variety of different crystal beads. Howlite, carnelian, amethyst, tiger's eye, green aventurine, turquoise, citrine, sodalite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, and lava rock. They are 8mm beads.
  • Wire: Natural copper wire
  • Dimensions: They differ in size because they are all handmade. But the basic size from earring hook to bottom is 45mm in length and 13mm in width.
  • Other materials: Each earring comes with hypoallergenic copper fish hooks and silicone bullet clutch stoppers.
  • Handmade in Eaton, NY

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