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Copper And Amethyst Matching Jewelry Set

Copper And Amethyst Matching Jewelry Set

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The Perfect Matching Set Filled With Natural Amethyst Healing

This matching amethyst jewelry set comes with a pendant, bracelet, pair of earrings, and a ring. All wire wrapped in copper wire and all matching. This would make an awesome anniversary gift. Or gift for any special occasion, with it's Victorian design and feel. Each item has the exact same size amethyst cabochon that is the focal point of all the pieces. Each cab is 18mm x 13mm in size. 

The earrings have pewter findings. That is the only part of the set that is not made of copper. There are many benefits of wearing copper jewelry.

Bracelet Size- 52mm length by 65mm wide

Earring Size- 55mm length by 15mm width

Ring Size- 8.5

Pendant Size- 35mm length by 15mm width

Copper Meaning-

Copper is a metallic element that has a rich history and many different meanings and uses. Here are a few of the most common meanings associated with copper:

  1. Conductor of Energy: Copper is a good conductor of both electricity and heat, making it a symbol of energy and power. It is believed to be a conductor of spiritual energy as well, and is often used in spiritual and healing practices.

  2. Healing and Wellness: Copper is also believed to have healing properties, particularly for joint pain and inflammation. Some people wear copper jewelry or use copper bracelets as a natural remedy for arthritis and other ailments.

  3. Wealth and Prosperity: In many cultures, copper is associated with wealth and prosperity. In feng shui, for example, copper is believed to attract wealth and abundance when placed in the wealth corner of a room.

  4. Aesthetic Beauty: Copper has a unique and beautiful color and texture that has been prized for thousands of years. It is often used in decorative objects and jewelry, and is valued for its aesthetic appeal.

  5. Durability and Longevity: Copper is a durable metal that can withstand the test of time. It is often used in construction and architecture because of its strength and longevity.

Overall, copper is a versatile and powerful metal that has many different meanings and uses. Whether you are interested in its spiritual properties, healing benefits, or aesthetic appeal, copper is a fascinating and valuable material

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