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Flower Of Life Tigers Eye Pendant

Flower Of Life Tigers Eye Pendant

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Tigers Eye Pendant With Flower Of Life Design

This Flower Of Life Tigers Eye Pendant is the 'eye-conic' piece that will have you looking more stylish than a 'cat's meow'! The oval eye of the tiger cabochon pairs perfectly with the copper and gold plated silver wire that's wire-wrapped in a flower of life design. Get yours today, and 'paw-some' looks will be yours! I have created this design in three different variations. Which one will you choose?

Gold with copper wire pendant size- 38mm long and 15mm wide.

Copper with gold wire pendant size- 34mm long and 15mm wide.

Copper with antique bronze wire pendant size- 34mm long and 15mm wide.

Tigers Eye Properties

Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that is known for its unique, golden-brown color and striking, chatoyant banding. Here are some of its properties:

  1. Protection: Tiger's Eye is believed to provide protection against negative energies, including curses and ill-wishing.

  2. Grounding: This gemstone is said to help individuals feel more grounded, stable, and centered, particularly during times of stress or anxiety.

  3. Confidence: Tiger's Eye is often associated with increased confidence and self-esteem. It can help individuals feel more empowered and courageous, allowing them to tackle challenges with greater ease.

  4. Focus: This gemstone is believed to enhance mental clarity and focus, making it a popular choice for those seeking to improve their concentration and productivity.

  5. Creativity: Tiger's Eye is also said to stimulate creativity and imagination, making it a popular choice for artists, writers, and other creative individuals.

  6. Physical healing: Some people believe that Tiger's Eye can help to alleviate physical ailments such as headaches, digestive issues, and eye problems.

Overall, Tiger's Eye is a versatile and powerful gemstone that can offer a range of benefits to those who wear it or use it in their spiritual practices.

Flower Of Life Meaning

The Flower of Life is a symbol that has been used throughout history and across many different cultures. It is a geometric pattern consisting of overlapping circles that form a flower-like shape. Here are some of the meanings associated with the Flower of Life:

  1. Sacred Geometry: The Flower of Life is often seen as a representation of sacred geometry, which is the belief that certain geometric shapes and patterns hold spiritual or divine significance.

  2. Unity: The pattern of the Flower of Life is said to represent the interconnectedness of all living things, and the idea that we are all one.

  3. Creation: Some people see the Flower of Life as a symbol of creation, as it is said to represent the process by which the universe was formed.

  4. Energy: The overlapping circles of the Flower of Life are thought to create a field of energy that can be harnessed for healing or meditation purposes.

  5. Enlightenment: Some believe that the Flower of Life can help individuals achieve a state of enlightenment or spiritual awakening, by connecting them with the divine or universal consciousness.

Overall, the Flower of Life is a powerful and complex symbol that has been used for thousands of years to represent a wide range of spiritual and philosophical concepts.

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