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Deer Pendant

Deer Pendant

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Wire Wrapped Buck Pendant

Blaze a new trail and express your adventurous spirit with our Deer Pendant! Featuring two vibrant versions of a deer, available in gold coated silver, black coated copper, antique bronze, and copper wire or gold coated silver wire, copper, and antique bronze wire.The perfect gift for any hunter, or for anyone whose spirit animal is a deer! Each pendant comes with a leather cord and its own special features – one has a multifaceted white jade stone, while the other features a small pearl cabochon. Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary with the Deer Pendant!

To see each version of this pendant, simply go to the drop down that says styles and click it. Then, select which version you would like to learn more about and make your purchase.

The first version is a side ways view of a deer. It has gold coated wire antlers, black coated copper wire for the nose and eye, copper as both the base of the setting for the pearl stone, and antique bronze for the filler of the piece. This deer pendant measurements are 66mm long by 46mm wide.

The second version is of a front facing deer. It is created with gold coated silver wire for the antlers, sterling silver and antique bronze wire for both the ears and some of the filler for the piece, It also has black coated copper wire for the nose and eyes, with a copper setting and copper wrapped around the multifaceted white jade stone. This pendant measures at 82mm long and 60mm wide.

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