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Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant With A Powerful Combination

Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant With A Powerful Combination

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A Powerful Combination

 This handmade mixed crystal pendant is a very powerful combination of gemstones. A quartz geode, a natural black tourmaline stone, natural quartz chunk, and a small amethyst stone. All these stones are being held together with silver coated copper wire. I think it looks like the perfect silver basket that has been filled with amazing crystal energy.

Pendant size- 25mm by 25mm.

 Quartz Meaning And Uses

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal with a restorative and amplifying energy. Because it's often used with other stones to strengthen their effects, it's a great addition to crystal grids. Clear quartz crystals are best for all chakras to clear and activate them, and it can be used to purify the physical and energetic bodies.

Black Tourmaline Spiritual Properties

For many, black tourmaline represent purification and the cleansing of the emotional body. In other words, the stone can rid the mind of any negative energies and thoughts like anxiety, anger and feelings of worthlessness. If you would like to learn more about black tourmaline, check out this website.

Amethyst Properties

This purple crystal is thought to encourage connection and love with others and oneself. Amethyst is said to offer protection, humility, spiritual wisdom, and stress relief.

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