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Black Obsidian Pendant: Mystical Radiance of Moon Goddess

Black Obsidian Pendant: Mystical Radiance of Moon Goddess

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Experience the mystical radiance of the moon goddess with our Black Obsidian Pendant. Featuring a sleek black obsidian arrowhead stone wrapped in silver wire, this pendant embodies the beauty and power of the goddess. Let it inspire and empower you on your journey.

Black Obsidian Pendant Details-

  • Stone: all natural black obsidian arrowhead stone
  • Wire: .999 sterling silver wire
  • Dimensions: 70mm by 30mm
  • Necklace: 18" premium black leather cord with silver extension and lobster claw clasp.
  • Handmade in Eaton, NY

Black Obsidian Properties

The black obsidian properties that are most prominent are its ability to cleanse and ground. It is rooted in the base chakras and has a strong connection to the earth. It is said to draw the negativity out and into the earth where it is neutralized.

Other Goddess Pendants-

I am all about helping other woman embrace their feminine energy. I have personally always had a problem balancing my divine masculine and divine feminine energy. That is why I enjoy creating powerful goddess jewelry, to help other women find balance between the two. I have other goddess pendants available. Check them all out and find the one that is perfectly designed for you.

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