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Wire Wrapped Necklace With Bear Claws

Wire Wrapped Necklace With Bear Claws

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Arrowhead Wire Wrapped Necklace With Real Natural Bear Claws

Take on life's adventures with this bold wire wrapped necklace featuring a natural flint arrowhead, tiger's eye beads, and real black bear claws! Show off your spirit of daring and courage with this beautiful statement piece crafted with copper and antique bronze wire. Embark on your journey with this Arrowhead Necklace With Claws Of A Bear!

  • Handmade in Upstate New York with both copper and antique bronze wire
  • Natural flint arrowhead that is half cream and half brown in color
  • Contains two real and natural black bear claws
  • Four tiger's eye beads in between each wire wrapped piece
  • The necklace is a 24" black satin silk cord with a 2" silver adjuster and silver lobster clasp
  • This necklace measures 55mm in length, 60mm width and 6mm in height

If you find arrowheads and bear claws as facinating as I do, I have created different blog posts for your learning pleasure. Make sure to check them both out today. 

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