Welcome To One Of The Best Handmade Jewelry Sites

My name is Sarah Williams. I am the CEO, Founder, and creative mind behind Innovated Visions Jewelry. I create all of my crystal healing stone jewelry right from my home, which is located in Eaton, NY

I am a self taught wire wrap artist, a reiki masterreiki practicioner, healer empath, shaman, and spiritual life coach. Which is why I started this business, and wire wrapping jewelry. I learned that I could use my jewelry as vessels to hold this incredible energy and tranfer it to others. I use the natural healing energy of crystals, paired with different kinds of wire, which acts as a conductor for the crystal energy to amplify it. Then infuse each piece with universal reiki energy as I wire wrap. I also like to wear my pieces for a period of time after creating them for a few different reasons. The first reason is to make sure that the quality is top notch, meaning that there are no wires sticking out or anything that will catch on clothing. The second reason is, to infuse as much reiki energy as I can. To ensure a long lasting supply that can then be absorbed by the customer as they wear my pieces. I also periodically send long distance reiki energy to each of my pieces to refill them. Each piece I create is literally an extension of my soul. Once you make a purchase from me, we are connected for life. If you would like to understand more about reiki distance healing, head over to my blog now to learn even more about what I do, and why my jewelry is different from all the other handmade jewelry out there.

Here is what to expect after you make a purchase from my store, before I ship it.

1. Each piece is smudged with sage to get rid of any possible negative energy, that may have attached itself to it, throughout the process.

2. I will meditate with each piece, to infuse more reiki energy into it.

3. If it doesn't sell right away, I will wear it for at least a few days.

4. The final step is to ship it to it's new forever home. 

Here Is An Overview Of What You Will Find In My Online Store

My store is filled with handcrafted handmade jewelry made by my own two hands. My site has a variety of handcrafted jewelry for sale. My products contain different types and styles of jewelry, such as,

1. Wrapped Gemstone Pendants

2. Artisan Handmade Rings

3. Unique Handcrafted Earrings

4. Handcrafted Unique Bracelets

5. Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant Necklaces

6. Good Energy Jewelry Sets

7. Gift Cards For Any Occasion

I am still in the process of adding more products to some of these collections, because wrapped gemstone pendants are my favorite things to create. But I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and do more bracelets, rings, and matching sets. Make sure you take the time to checkout all collections by clicking here.

 Thank you for all the continued love and support! I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of all of you. I am beyond grateful for every single sale, whether it be a small or large purchase. Every sale helps to support not just myself and my family, but also helps to support my dreams and true purpose in life, which is helping others heal themselves. 

Have a blessed day, enjoy your stay, and come back soon. Feel free to scope out all my different informational blogs, all my products, and stay tuned for new pieces each week.