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Welcome to our Crystal Jewelry Contact Me Page - a portal to a world where bespoke beauty meets the mystical allure of crystals. Whether you have inquiries, desire customization, or seek collaboration, this is the space where connections flourish. Our handcrafted crystal jewelry is more than adornment; it's an expression of individuality. Reach out to us with your thoughts, visions, or questions, and let's embark on a journey of creating something truly special together. Our commitment is to make your crystal jewelry experience seamless and enchanting. Feel free to connect with us for personalized consultations, wholesale opportunities, or any other inquiries. We're here to bring your crystal dreams to life. Let's craft magic, let's connect.

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Business Phone Number: 1-315-750-9675

Text or call. If I don't answer, please leave me a short message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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If you are looking for a customized piece of crystal jewelry, please feel free to contact me. Custom pieces are my favorite things to create.

Calling All Empaths

If you found your way to me, there is a good chance you are an emapath. If you are, and you are looking for a safe space to ask questions, post comments and concerns, or learn how to go from an empath to an empowered empath, I have a few gifts for you. The first gift is my blog all about empaths. The second gift is a Facebook group that I started a few years ago that is filled with like minded souls. It consists of informational and uplifting posts, and a whole tribe of other empaths that you can connect with. Follow the links below to read my empath blog and join my Facebook empath group today. 

Are You An Empath Blog 

Enlightened Empaths Illuminate

I appreciate you!

Thank you for taking the time to checkout my small business and learn about all the products and services that I provide for a happier and healthier you. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

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