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This is my mission, my purpose! Meet the crew!

Trin and I  

This is ne! SARAH          This is my mission, my purpose!

   Welcome to Innovated Visions Jewelry!

The crew consists of ME (Sarah... founder, owner, wrapper, empath healer).  

What I do? Well I created this company based on a vision I had during my awakening. To create amazing Afterglows, which are extensions of myself and my healing energy. To spread as much healing energy as I can through the products. 

I am a healer EMPATH and Reiki master who has found my inner purpose and inner peace. 

My true calling is to heal every person my afterglows touch in one way or another. Because everyone needs some healing in their lives.

Hell even I do! 

So please invite us into your lives and let us spread our joy, healing, LOVE OF life!

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