Welcome to Innovated Visions Jewelry!

~This is my life's purpose and my true passion~


Hello everyone...

My name is Sarah Williams.  I am the CEO and founder of Innovated Visions Jewelry.

I am a healer EMPATH and Reiki master who has found my inner purpose and inner peace.

I am a self taught jewelry designer and wire wrapper. It has become my form of meditation.  Which is also why I enjoy working with crystals when creating my pieces. I also infuse all of my pieces with reiki healing energy.  It is the jewelry you can actually feel working. 

Also, after I make a sale I first clean and clear the piece with sage.  Then I meditate with each piece to make sure it has plenty of reiki healing energy to last for a long time.

My mission is to create one of a kind, hand wire wrapped pieces and infuse them with my reiki healing energy.  So that the customer actually feels the piece working for them all while displaying it's unique beauty.