A COLLECTION of pendants made out of a very powerful variety of gems and minerals. With awesome metaphysical properties. The combination is DYNAMITE!

  1. Black tourmaline-  A powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between EARTH and HUMAN SPIRIT. It aligns the energy center in the body and channels healing light throughout the system.
  2. Amethyst- It is a meditative and calming rock which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. Also used to eliminate impatience. Great for absorbing negative energy. (I have shattered two of them myself, after my parents died). Great for dealing with loss of loved ones as well.
  3. Quartz crystal- Quartz crystals are the most abundant of the crystals. Found all over the place. It has many excellent qualities including being able to be programmed. This makes it a powerful stone to use to assist you to manifest those things you desire. They are also filled with great healing properties.
  4. Silver coated copper wire