What Makes My Jewelry Different?

What Makes My Jewelry Different?

Yes, it's all handmade by me! But there is more....

Let me go into further detail in order to explain exactly what I do. Not only am I a self taught wire wrap artist, but I am also a reiki master. Which means I should probably start there.

What is reiki healing?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It is used as a type of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

What does all this have to do with my jewelry?

Now that you know what reiki healing energy is and what a reiki master does, you may be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with jewelry? Just as the universe uses me as a beacon, I use the wire as a conductor for the universal energy instead of using a physical body. We all know that metal is a very good conductor of energy. The wire holds the energy and mixes both the universal energy and the natural healing energy of the crystals. To give you exactly what you need.

What distance Reiki is used for?
The distance symbol is used to cross any distance in time or space. It allows practitioners to clear blockages from someone's past, as well as perform reiki on someone who is not physically present. I use distance reiki all the time. I will send healing energy periodically to make sure that all my pieces are charged. 
I hope this explains what makes my handmade jewelry different from most other wire wrap artists. And way different from any jewelry that has been mass produced in a factory. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Don't forget to subscribe to my VIP email list before you leave. You don't want to miss out on all the excitement. Be the first to see new products, sales, discounts, blogs and so much more. Subscribe today!


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