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How IVJ Was Created

This Is My Journey

I never knew I would end up like this. I never pictured myself here in a million years. But the clarity of my present mind has seen every event leading up to this moment. Right here, right now. 

This blog is all about my journey, from childhood to adulthood. I also go into my spiritual awakening, which is a critical moment in any persons life. That moment when everything becomes clear. I found my reason for living, my purpose, and why I am here. I know I am here to help other heal themselves.

It didn't happen over night. It has been slowly happening for years. But after a series of events, it happened much quicker. Sometimes you have to lose it all before you realize just what you have, deep down inside of you. For you already know everything you need to know. Wake up

I have always had an overwhelming urge to help people. But with such a desire also came a lot of burdens. I had a hard time as a child. I was lost, angry, sad and couldn't understand why. They always say hindsight is 20/20. I now realize that as an empath and daddy's girl, I was absorbing my father's lack of ability to feel any emotions. I was completely apathetic as a child. I didn't care about myself or anyone else. I have since become a completely different person because of both, having a child, learning the true meaning of unconditional love, and because of my spiritual awakening

Pat And Robin, The People Who Gave Me Life

When my parents were 18, they were both involved in a motorcycle accident. They were hit at a four corner stop, by a drunk driver. My dad went under the truck and my mom flew over it. If my dad wasn't wearing a helmet, he would have been dead. He suffered from crushed ribs, broken femur in two places, crushed and fused ankle, artificial hip, knee, and had severe brain damage. Those are just a few things that he suffered from. Among many yrs of surgeries, and recovering from said surgeries. I always thought of my dad as the bionic man. The toughest, and hardest working man I have ever met. 

The brain damage made it so my father had to relearn emotions. I was only able to hear stories of my dad before the accident, and before the brain damage. It had turned him into a whole different person. He was an amazing role model for a daddy's girl like me. So I was brought up by an overly emotional, spiritual, and all around awesome mother, and a father who was actually unable to feel emotions.

My Life As A Child

At the age of 13, I felt like a lab rat for many different experiments. I was labeled as bipolar, depressed, a cutter, suicidalhaving a borderling characteristic disorder, and a chemical imbalance in my system. I was placed on many different experimental drugs. These drugs did nothing for me but make me feel numb, dumb and worsen my symptoms of suicide. I was never able to reach my full potential as a child. I eventually got off all the medications much later on in my life. But because of them, I had to find other ways of coping with life and the issues later to come. I looked for other ways to numb myself with drugs, alcohol, and narcotics. This has been quite the journey, to say the least.

At the age of 21 years old, I lost my mother. Which is a huge ordeal for anyone. She had a metal rod put in her spine. She came home from the hospital and three days later, I came home from work to find her dead. My father basically died the same day she did. He had no idea how to live without her. I spent the next three years dealing with him attempting to kill himself with alcohol until he finally succeded. I found him dead as well. 

It took me many years of therapy, prescription drugs, and love lost between family members to finally figure everything out. I never had any guidance on being an empath. I didn't have anyone to explain to me that my feelings weren't always my own. An empath is a person who is able to feel what others feel. Whether it be human energy, animal energy, or earth and nature energy. Everything is energy. If you would like to learn more about empaths, feel free to head over to my informational blog all about empaths. 

Back To Finding My Purpose

Back to helping people, or the need there of. I have held many positions in my life. Cashier, personal aid for mentally handicapped people, teacher's aid, LPN, manager of a gas station, and finally... An entrepreneur, crystal expert, wire wrap artist, and energy worker. I used each position to help as many people as I could. But it wasn't until just recently that everything had changed. I was a manager of a gas station for almost 11 yrs. Living my day to day. Work, work, work. I was always noticing that I seemed to have more compassion and empathy than most other managers doing the same job. Then, a few yrs ago I had a hysterectomy. Which messed with my hormones, and made me feel even more lost then I was before. It changed me completely. Made me feel like I was crazy. With new panic attacks, anxieties, and the inability to deal with stressful situations. I wound up having to lose everything, in order to fully wake up.

I was lying on the floor in my dinning room in front of my woodstove and felt my heart break into a million pieces. I remember talking to my mom and asking her for help. Almost immediately after, the change in me began. It took me losing everything and getting off all of the prescription medications to trigger my spiritual awakening. I had a thirst for knowledge where I craved a deeper understanding of this life and my purpose here. I went through the dark night of the soul. I battled my demons and later learned to embrace them, but above all, I learned what undconditional love was and learned how to apply it to myself with self care, and boundaries. I became the badass, empowered empath that has always been inside of me. In the midst of my spiritual awakening, I had a vision of creating a company to reach a wide range of people who needed help with healing. This is when Innovated Visions Jewelry was created. Formerly known as Trinity's Playground (named after my daughter). I already had plenty of knowledge about crystals passed down to me by my mother. She not only worked with crystals, but was a shaman, hypnotherapist, reiki master, and many other things. 

I have since taught myself how to wire wrap, work with energy, became a reiki master, and infuse all of my jewelry with universal reiki energy. My handmade pieces are not just jewelry. They are visions created to help others gain the ability to heal themself. Through reiki and crystal energy work. I have personally witnessed complete transformations from most of my customers. And when you buy a piece from me, you are not just a customer, you are family. This is how IVJ was created and how I found my true purpose and calling in life. The journey has not been easy by any means, but I also know that everything happens for a reason, and I never would have found the strength to become who I was meant to be, and overcome so many obstacles in my life without going through all that I had to go through. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, learn all about my journey, and how the vision of IVJ became a reality. Take the time to look through all of my wire wrapped pieces and find the perfect piece that fits your design and healing needs

Feel free to leave me a comment. I Would love to hear all about your journey, spiritual awakening, or anything else u would like to share!

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Amazing what we dont realize
As children until we are adults
But i suppose im a way we were
Calculated with a journey a life path
Before we were born. So learn from the errors and continue your journey in peace ✌️🕊️ ☮️
Disco kitty

Disco Kitty

Very moving. Thank you for sharing your story so far. It has given me some perspective into my own life.


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