New Earrings just arrived!

New Earrings just arrived!

Need new earrings? I have what you need!

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I just wanted to let you all know that I just listed a bunch of new handmade earrings. They all have different 5mm natural gemstone beads in the center of a wire wrapped waterfall cascade design. 

They are all so cute and filled with incredible energy! I absolutely love how they all turned out. 

What kind of stones do they have?

They actually have a great variety of stones. And because they are at a very reasonable price you can get a few of them for whatever healing you may need!

- Lava Stone

- Green Aventurine

- Turquoise

- Amethyst

- Sodalite

- Lapis Lazuli

-Tiger Eye

- Carnelian

- Citrine

- Rose Quartz

Don't forget about my 20% off sale

If you purchase enough of them to get your purchase to $50 or more you will get an automatic 20% discount at checkout (They make perfect gifts for any occasion).

And of course if you want them badly but don't have the funds to grab them right now you can also select AFTERPAY at checkout as well. Afterpay allows you to purchase what you want now and then simply make easy monthly installments afterwards.

Thank you for supporting my dream of being a jewelry-penuer and helping me create more healing jewelry to share with the world! I appreciate you!

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