Custom Order Requests

Custom Order Requests

Why Custom Order Requests Are My Favorite

Do you have a favorite crystal? And would like to upgrade it to a stunning piece of jewelry?

Let IVJ help you with this dilemma. I excel at customer order requests. It's kind of my specialty. Let me explain why. I have this incredible intuition when it comes to creating my crystal healing jewelry. The reason why I named my company Innovated Visions jewelry is because I actually have visions of what to create. 

People choose me to create their custom pieces, not because of my incredible talent in wire wrapping (although it has come a LONG way) But because they can actually feel the love and positive energy in each piece I create. 

I fill each piece with my own personal reiki healing energy as well. Before I ship out my orders I cleanse each piece with sage and then meditate with them as well. To ensure the best possible experience, healing energy transfer, and all around positive boost!

So if you do have that special crystal that you would love to show off in the perfect setting for it, message me today!  



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