Continuation of my Path to Spiritual Awakening....

Continuation of my Path to Spiritual Awakening....

This is a continuation of my previous blog from over a year ago when I first got started. 

My mother passed away at the tender age of 44. She was an amazing woman, who taught me everything I needed to know to become who I am today. She was an empath, a shaman, and all around caring and loving mother. But as a child we used to bump heads quite a bit. I was an unruly child that was very confused. And she did the best she could with the knowledge she had. She didn't come into her spiritual self until later on in life. She always had it in her, but in her early 40's she claimed to be going through a midlife crisis. She began getting many tattoo's, and piercings. She decided to change her whole religion and belief system. She had been born into a strict catholic religion through her parents. Then she met my father who changed her into a devout christian. But in her early 40's she began reading and researching Buddism, and doaism. She then learned to become a shaman. She was able to read aura's, able to hypnotize people with her incredibly soothing voice. And no matter how unruly I was, she always saw the best in me. She saw something that I could not see. And now it seems like everyone around me can see just that as well. And I am now beginning to see it in myself as well. I spent many years numbing myself after the death of my mother, and then my father 3 yrs later. I would use all sorts of numbing agents. But the worst was my addiction to narcotics. Which I spent about 15 yrs on and off battling against. But I watched my parents take them so I figured it was ok. Yet they had both been in a horrible accident when they were only 18. Which had left them both in horrible pain for the rest of their short lives. It wasn't until a little over a year ago that for the first time in 15 yrs that I was able to finish this battle with narcotics.  And after my battle was over and after losing everything I had ever loved I began my awakening. So it was a combination of once again being able to feel everything for the first time in 15 yrs or longer. Because I had been numbing myself for most of my life since the age of 13 when I started experimenting with drugs and sex. And losing everything I loved. Because of my addictions, I lost my third husband, my car, left my job of 11yrs, the only family I had left. Which was my brother and sister in law. And finally I lost my daughter for two months. This is where I died and came back to life as a new being. Losing her was one of the worst situations I had ever experienced. It was like I lost a part of me. And it was time for me, for the first time to have only myself to depend on. My brother was always there to save me, or someone was. But not this time. I was truly alone. And that is where it all became so real. I did a lot of self searching, researching, and all of my memories that I had locked up for so many years, started flooding back to me. 

It was like a gate had opened up. Every event that had lead up to that moment was unlocked in me. And my true purpose was made clear. I had a vision of this company I was going to create for the higher good. To serve the divine, to heal the masses, to help create a better world for myself and my family. 

I had no idea how to wire wrap jewelry. But what I did realize was that mostly everything I had ever learned was self taught.  And I knew what I was capable of. I would clearly see a vision, then I would bring that vision to life through wire wrapping. All while infusing my healing energy into them. I would then meditate with them to create strong afterglows. Which are simply extensions of myself. Created to take my healing energy like a carriage to the masses. Like long distance Reiki. 

Stay tuned for the 3rd edition of my path to spiritual awakening. I will go further into detail about what happened.


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