Why you should shop small business everyday?

Why you should shop small business everyday?


It always amazes me how quickly time flies by. Especially when you are doing what you love. Every single day is an absolute blessing. I am in love with my life and being able to do what I love everyday. Thank you Universe for every blessing that I am given. 

There are soo many people out there right now that are trying to work for themselves and be their own boss. It's freeing and exciting, on top of nerve wracking and anxiety ridden. There are so many reasons that I can give you to shop handmade and small business always


POV of Sarah CEO and Founder of Innovated visions jewelry.

As a small business owner, I can tell you that I wear a lot of different hats throughout just one day. 

- Marketer

- Researcher

-SEO student

- Networker

- Creator of art and jewelry

I also have a daughter named Trinity and a boyfriend named Derek. Along with 4 fur babies named Mama, Buggy, Zeke, and Bella. So here are some other hats I have to wear and change into throughout the day.

- Mother

- Wife

- Chef

- Baker

- Fur baby mom

So to recap, being an entrepreneur (or as I call it for me a Jewelry-penuer) has so many perks, but it definitely takes a multitasking brain to get the job done.

Make sure to keep this all in mind for handmade pricing reasons.

Each piece that has been handmade by each small business is just one of the many daily projects and responsibilities that they have to take care of. And once you learn you're own self worth, the products become worth more as well. Which has taken me many years to re learn myself. This is because we start to actually charge for our time spent on each piece and not just the cost of the material we use. It becomes a living breathing creation, that carries just a tiny piece of our souls

This is why it's so important to Shop Small Business Always!

Shop products with purpose!

Also, make sure to check out my newest collection. It's called The light and dark collection. Click the link below. Let this collection help you with any shadow work you may need to do on the spiritual path you have been embarking on. We all need a little protection sometimes!


Thank you for supporting my family, my dreams, my purpose, and above all ME. 


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